The latest sweaters for women that you need to try this winter

Posted on 24 November 2016

Are sweaters really on the top of your list when it comes to your winter wardrobe favorites, then look nowhere else, because we have compiled a list of the latest sweaters for women that are not just trendy and comfortable but also great for your pocket. Let’s take a look at what are they.

1. Casual knitted long-sleeve sweater

If there is something that you really need to have in your wardrobe this winter, it has to be the casual knitted long sleeves sweater from You And Beautiful People. This is the kind of sweater that I had waited for all my teenage, but it wasn’t the right time to catch up with long sleeves, I guess! People use to prefer mittens and gloves to keep their hands warm against cold, and they were also a great fashion accouterment.

But now that we have to use our smartphone with LCD touch displays Gloves are the thing of the past; therefore, use these casual knitted long sleeves sweaters for shielding both your body and hands against cold. And not to forget, they look extremely cool and great for people with gorilla arms.

Turtlenecks sweaters

Talking about a real fashion revival, it’s got to be the turtlenecks! All the celebrities and fashion gurus have already embraced this piece of garment and you should too. The last time they were dumped, people were actually happy about it, because they started to look like out of equation with bell-bottoms and short skirts. Since then, the fashion statement has changed abruptly though. Our clothing standards have gone upward, and it was like the perfect time to get turtleneck sweaters back.

And unlike the last time, this time we have a lot different ways to try out this sweater. You can wear them with denim as a standalone top, or you could wear them with jackets, long cuts and even trench coats.

Turtlenecks are the latest sweaters for women, and if you haven’t tried them yet, it’s time you do. You can find some great range of turtlenecks from

You And Beautiful People.

2. Winter Warm Mohair O-Neck Women Pullover

I prefer this spandex- and acrylic-based sweater for the skinnies, because it’s extremely fluffy. But this sweater is eclectic and anyone can try it. This O-Neck women pullover looks great with stretch pants, a great mix of loose and tight, and perfect for your everyday style statement. Whether you want to spend your day at home or got to pick up with a spontaneous evening coffee, this is the perfect look for both.

Try these O-Neck latest sweaters for women, starting from just $22 only at

3. Crochet Knitted Long-sleeve sweater

The longer it is, the better it is, this is the winter mantra that you have to try this cold season with your sweaters and cardigans, except for the sweatshirts, pullovers, and turtlenecks though. This crochet knitted long-sleeve sweater from You And Beautiful People is a must-have because you will rarely see someone else wear a sweater that would be touching their toes.  But this open stitch design made out of thin wool is as fancy as it sounds. The computer knit gives it the smooth finish that’s necessary for the fall of the sweater. These are perfect to be used with your denim and at just $29, you can get both the gray and black color. Crochet knitted sweaters like these are available only in a single size, so make sure that you are ready to get along with it.

4. High Elastic knitted sweaters

If you want to add some more sweaters to your winter shopping list, you have to try the high elastic knitted sweater from You And Beautiful People. They fit perfectly and are cheap; something that most of us are looking for from our apparel. These knitted sweaters can be worn as a standalone top, or you could also layer them effectively with some jacket or cardigan. When you talk about the latest sweaters for women, you can’t put these off the list. They are affordable and look great with dark-colored denim.

5. Sweatshirt pullovers

Cheap, warm and fancy; these sweatshirt pullovers were also able to make it to our latest sweaters for women list. When it’s not too cold outside and you need to look sexy, just wear this sweatshirt pullover from with some denim and sneakers, and you are good to go anywhere. When you want to stay casual and funky, you got to have some sweatshirts on your winter wardrobe.

latest sweaters for women

If you want to stay in fashion this winter, you will need to stay open to new sweater styles like the aforementioned. Some sweaters like the turtleneck are old-school, but gives you a dozen ways to pull them off. So have more variety this winter to stay more in the limelight!


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